Newsletter The newsletter that keeps you informed on the current trends of Trailblazers in Spain and the fantastic adventures and holidays that we offer to our clients. If you like enduro and off road motorcycling this is the place to be! Also see our Reviews!  Lakes Raid   This is 3 day ride with 4 nights accommodation. The tour begins at our base in Canillas de Albaida and works it’s way to the beautiful lake at Vinuela with stunning views and fantastic riding around the lake. Casa Rurales Raid Aimed at all bike riders who have some experience at riding off-road. Wonderful trail bike riding in spectacular scenery. Experience the beauty of Andalucia and generous hospitality of the locals in the white villages of Andalucia. Trail Tours   These trail tours are our most popular package.They are based riding out of the same base/hotel and riding different trails each day. JANUARY 2017  Hi Everyone, Welcome to our JANUARY Newsletter! Two things that have remained constant you will be glad to hear is the beautiful sunny weather here on the Costa del Sol and the Trailblazers value for money prices! When all things are included we cannot be beaten on price....the Trailblazer prices are fixed for 2017, and remember we will not charge you for any breakages to the bikes or riding gear. Riding in Sunny Spain Yes we have decided to keep the prices the same in UK STG. This is so that our riders from UK will still get the same amazing deal for their money despite fluctuating exchange rates! Also it means our European riders will get a slightly better deal because of the weaker pound! When all things are included we cannot be beaten on price....and remember we will not charge you for any breakages to the bikes or riding gear. Repeat Riders We are happy that many of our riders and groups return to enjoy our hospitality and dirt riding. The main reason for this, according to our research, is that the trails in our area are the wildest and challenging you will find in Andalucia. East of Malaga, where we are located you will find it more quieter and remote so you will not be continually riding along well worn tracks with other riders from other companies like on a conveyor belt. If you have been before and are thinking of riding again in Spain, drop us an email and we can discuss a different tour/raid and tailor the package to make it a bit different from your last visit. Graham Joke Paddy says to Mick, " I am getting circumcised in the morning" Mick says, " I had that done when I was just a few days old,"    "Did it hurt?"  asked Paddy.   Mick says,  "Well put it this way, I couldn't walk for at least a year!¨ Graham & Liz © Graham Ross Trailblazers-pro